Top Rated Coffee Shops in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Drip Coffee, Cold Brew, Espresso Drinks or Tea, Just Name it!

Published: 2023-01-25 09:27:52

Michigan is known for its beaches, breweries, and forests, but it's also home to some of the best coffee shops in the Midwest. So whether you're looking for a place to relax with your laptop or meet up with friends for a cup of joe, you're sure to find a place in Michigan. The area has everything from quaint cafes to trendy coffeehouses.

Here's where our roofers from Grand Rapids, Michigan area likes to take a break.

Bitter End Coffee House

Bitter End Coffee House is a popular spot for coffee lovers in Grand Rapids. The coffee shop has a relaxed and cozy atmosphere, and the staff is always friendly and helpful. The coffee is excellent, and there's a good selection of pastries and sandwiches if you're looking for something to eat. Some of the best coffees are cold brew and nitro coffee made with local Michigan beans. Bitter End Coffee House is also one of the few coffee shops in Grand Rapids that roast its beans on-site. 

Schuil Coffee Company

Schuil Coffee Company is one of the top-rated coffee shops in West Michigan, offering a wide variety of coffees, teas, and pastries. The staff is always friendly and helpful, making this an excellent place to relax and unwind after a long day. The coffee is always fresh and delicious, which is why Schuil Coffee Company is one of the most popular coffee shops in the area. Most people like it because it's not too crowded, so they can get their coffee without waiting in line. 

Madcap Coffee Company

Madcap Coffee Company has been in business since 2008 and is known for its quality coffee and friendly staff. Madcap is located in downtown Grand Rapids and offers a variety of coffee drinks, pastries, and sandwiches. It's a great place to visit if you're looking for a quick pick-me-up or a place to relax and chat with friends. Plus, Madcap Coffee Company is easy to get to from anywhere in the city. The coffee is always fresh and made to order. 


Starbucks is one of the most popular coffee shops in West Michigan, thanks to its delicious coffee and friendly atmosphere. The coffee shop has a wide variety of coffee drinks and pastries, and its knowledgeable staff is always happy to help you find the perfect drink. However, it's often crowded and can be expensive, so it's not the best option if you're looking for an affordable or quick cup of coffee. 

Stovetop Coffee Roasters

Stovetop Coffee Roasters is a coffee shop in Grand Rapids, Michigan, known for its excellent coffee, friendly staff, pastries, and other snacks. It's among the favorite coffee shops due to its convenient location, tasty pastries, and great coffee such as drip coffee, cold brew, espresso drinks, tea, and more. There are also vegan and gluten-free options available. In addition, Stovetop Coffee Roasters has a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, making it a great place to enjoy a cup of coffee and conversation with friends.

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