The Top 8 Coffee Shops and Fast Foods in Taylors, South Carolina

If you're in the Taylors, South Carolina area, these coffee shops and fast foods are worth checking out.

Published: 2022-11-30 10:22:01

There's nothing quite like relaxing in a coffee shop with a warm drink and a good book, or enjoying a local specialty. If you're in the Taylors, South Carolina area, these coffee shops and fast foods are worth checking out. From cozy and quaint to modern and trendy, there's something for everyone here. So go ahead and treat yourself to a caffeine fix or a quick bite at one of these spots. 

Junto Coffee

Junto Coffee is Taylors' newest addition to the coffee scene. It's a bright and cool spot that serves up specialty espresso drinks, cold brews, and tea lattes. The baristas are friendly and knowledgeable, and the atmosphere is relaxed yet stylish. Plus, their delicious pastries will make your coffee break even more enjoyable. 


For those who love a classic, the local Starbucks is your place. Whether you're looking for an espresso-based drink or something more indulgent like a white chocolate mocha, they have it all. Plus, their signature Frappuccinos are always satisfying and refreshing. Add in some comfortable seating and free Wi-Fi, and you have a perfect spot for studying or catching up with friends in Taylors, South Carolina. 

Maverick Biscuit

This unique cafe combines coffee and breakfast biscuits for the perfect morning treat. Their specialties include biscuit sandwiches, cinnamon rolls, espresso drinks, iced teas, and more. With a cozy atmosphere and inviting staff, Maverick Biscuit is a great spot for breakfast on the go or early lunch in Taylors, South Carolina. 

Pereira Bakery

Owner Fabiola Pereira brings a little bit of Colombia to South Carolina with her authentic bakery and coffee shop. Here, you'll find traditional Colombian baked goods like empanadas and pandebonos alongside espresso drinks made from high-quality 100% Arabica beans. It's the perfect place for a flavorful, aromatic coffee experience. 

Waffle House

This local chain in Taylors, Texas is a great spot for those who are looking for something more substantial than just coffee. In addition to their signature waffles, they offer omelets, hash browns, and plenty of other breakfast favorites. Plus, you can get your caffeine fix with classic hot or iced coffees. 

The Farehouse

This restaurant and coffee shop is the perfect place to kick back and relax with a cup of joe during your visit to Taylors, South Carolina. In addition to specialty coffees, they serve up classic breakfast plates and hearty sandwiches. Plus, their rustic yet modern atmosphere makes it a great spot for intimate conversations or study sessions. 


Chick-fil-A is perfect for those who are looking for a quick bite to eat and a cup of coffee in Taylors, South Carolina. In addition to their classic sandwiches, they offer iced coffees and frappes, sure to satisfy even the pickiest of coffee drinkers. Plus, it's open late – making it perfect for that midnight caffeine craving. 


Fuddruckers is a local fast-food chain in Taylors, South Carolina that serves up burgers, fries, shakes, and more. But in addition to the food, they also serve excellent coffee. Whether you're looking for an espresso shot or a blended iced mocha, their baristas can make it just right. Plus, there's plenty of seating so you can relax and enjoy your meal and caffeine fix.

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