About Saint Joseph Michigan Team

Tom and Katie Burrell

Mighty Dog Roofing is a family-owned and operated business led by Tom Burrell (President) and Katie Burrell (General Manager). Tom has an MBA from Indiana University and a BS in Operations Management from Ball State University. He has 30 years of experience in global and domestic sourcing and supply chain leadership and is a certified Purchasing & Supply Chain Manager (CPSM). He's also a 2-time Ironman finisher. Katie has a Bachelor's of Arts & Sciences in Public History from Western Michigan University, Summa Cum Laude & Phi Kappa Phi. The Mighty Dog Roofing team is passionate about people development and leadership, nurturing togetherness, and making their communities better. They value honest people who have integrity to do what is right. Tom and Katie have been part of the Southwest Michigan community for over 20 years and love the spirit of belonging and making a contribution, the variety of things to do and see, and the friendly nature of the people.

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"Persistence is the twin sister of excellence. One is a matter of quality; the other, a matter of time."

– Marabel Morgan

Meet the Team

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Steve Calhoun
Sales Consultant
Steve is a versatile construction and remodeling expert, well-versed in all aspects of the trade. Armed with a knack for problem-solving and project management, he’ll do whatever it takes to provide quality and value to his customers. Steve’s true passion lies in helping and meeting people. His vast experience and skill set make him a friendly, reliable and resourceful professional. Whether it's remodeling or reroofing, Steve's dedication to his craft and genuine interest in assisting others have earned him a reputation as a dependable jack of all trades. He thrives on the opportunity to make a positive impact through his work and connections with others.

Meet the mighty dogs

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Chief Barking Officer
Meet Yukon, the Chief Barking Officer (CBO) of his household. With years of experience in the field of barking, Yukon has developed a reputation for being an expert in alerting his family of potential threats, including mailmen, squirrels, and stray cats. As the CBO, Yukon takes his role seriously and ensures that his family is always safe and protected, one bark at a time.


TOP DOG COMMUNICATION - We will be in touch with you throughout the project so you know what is going on every step of the way. We also have a 24-hour customer service support team to help answer any questions you may have.

ON-TIME SERVICE - When we say we are going to be there, we will. We value you your time and resources and appreciate you choosing us to care for your home.

CLEANLINESS - MDR has the best state of the art equipment to keep your home clean and safe during the construction process. We will bring in the Mighty House Cape to protect your landscaping and air conditioners from any damage which may occur. It is our pledge to you to leave your property with no debris or damage from anything we do.

INTEGRITY - We do what we say we are going to do. We stand behind your home’s project for years to come with our Mighty Warranty Plus Watchdog Maintenance Program


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R. Ajmer1a

They have excellent customer service. Their team did exactly what they say they will and show up on time. Will definitely use again.

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V. Davis

I can’t say thank you enough for all the help that was given to me. Very professional, courteous, and helpful. They did an amazing job and did a great job with clean up. I would highly recommend them.

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B. Wood

I had my roof and gutters replaced. The crew was friendly and kept me updated throughout the install. They also did a great job with the install as well as the clean up.

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J. Pagura

Very professional from the office to the installers. Good value for great quality. I would recommend them and have already have done so. Give them a call.

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M. Gillespie

Great job, professional crew, great experience. Highly recommend. Came on time, cleaned up, and roof looks great!


Mighty Dog Roofing is passionate about our community in Saint Joseph Michigan. We wake up everyday and feel so immensely blessed (lucky) to live, work and play in our community that it is important for us to give back and be actively involved. "We love being in Saint Joseph Michigan, and helping any way we can", said Tom and Katie Burrell. "From providing roofs to veterans and supporting our local Humane Society to participating in Habitat for Humanity efforts, Mighty Dog of Saint Joseph Michigan wants to make a difference".

Our Team on Your Roof

Whether you have a repair or a full replacement, our roofing crews have been hand selected for their integrity, cleanliness and craftsmanship. We are OSHA certified and hold regular safety training meetings for our crew foreman. Each of our formen and roofing crews take pride in excellence of craftsmanship in each project they completed. Mighty Dog takes pride in education on products and installation each of our crews bring to you home. Our crews take the Mighty Dog Pledge of being on-time, cleanliness, top dog communication and integrity. Being insured and licensed, you can feel safe and protected in your home that it is being taken care of by the right people!

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