Plano Hail Storm Roof Damage in Plano Texas

Plano Hail Storm Roof Damage

If you ever suffer hail storm roof damage in Plano Texas, the professionals at Mighty Dog Roofing will be ready to assist you. We were ranked among the top roofing contractors in Plano, Texas because we have experienced staff and a great deal of expertise in repairing roof damages caused by storms and wind. Our project managers will always have your best interest in mind, so you can rest assured knowing our work will always be done correctly and efficiently.

If you live in Plano Texas, you know hail storm roof damage is common. But what should you do when it happens? Here’s what you

If you think you've got damaged shingle roofs in Plano Texas, you must get those photos taken before they're gone forever! When your home is underwater and/or suffering from severe wind damage, you'll want to document every single one of the areas affected so you can file an official claim with your homeowner's policy. Here's how to properly photograph your Plano, Texas rooftop:

  1. Make sure you have enough light source(s).
  2. Place the camera on a tripod (if possible), as shaking the camera could cause blurred images.
  3. Use a wide lens setting - no zoom.
  4. Shoot at least three shots in each area (front, back, left, right, upper, lower, and sides).
  5. You may also want to place something white in front of the camera to reflect off of and make things easier to see.

We'll check for any sign of Plano hail storm damages, such as indentations marks, split, and any indication of rain leak. We can then fix the areas that have suffered Hail Storm Damages in Plano Texas with a tarp. This will help your insurer understand how much effort you've put into repairing damaged property.

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When dealing with Plano area hailstorm damages, call Mighty Dog Roofing to get professional services that won’t frustrate you. With our experience and expertise, we can handle any Plano area hail and tornado damage repair job. Contact us today to schedule service!

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