Plano Metal Roof Contractors In Plano Texas

Plano Metal Roof Contractors

If you're working with the top-rated roofers in Plano Texas, then you should know that Mighty Dog Roofing is the company to call. We've been serving the community for so many years, and we've earned a reputation for dependability and excellence. Our customer service representatives are friendly and knowledgeable; they'll answer any questions about our services and products. When installing a new roof, we are the best roofing contractor in Plano, Texas. So if you're ready to start, give us a call today!

The Advantages of Metal Roofing

Unlike many Plano roofers who attempt to push a certain brand of roofing material, we do not employ any aggressive tactics on our customers. Some roofing contractors in Plano Texas may try to push a particular brand of roofing materials because they make bigger profits. We don't work that way; we work with you to choose a type of roofing style that works best for your home.

But that doesn‘t mean our Plano roofers aren’t big fans of this roofing. Here are just some of the benefits they provide. If you‘re ready to reap these advantages, contact Mighty Dog Roofing before working with any other Plano roof companies.

  • Metal roofs in Plano can last up to 100 years and can withstand winds as strong as 140 mph (220 km/h).
  • Plano metal roofs often use recycled materials to help protect the environment.  
  • Metal roofs come in various colors and styles, and they all look great in Plano.

Contact Mighty Dog Roofing to Learn More

We want to be your choice of a metal roof contractor in Plano Texas because that is what we strive for every day. That is the reason we have been around so long and why we continue to grow. Call us at 972-703-4222 or fill out our quick contact form today.

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