Plano Stone Coated Steel Roof In Plano Texas

Plano Stone Coated Steel Roof

If you haven‘t considered the benefits of Mighty Dog Roofing, it might be time you do just that. No one does a better job than they do when it comes to installing a stone-coated steel Plano Texas roof. We’ve established thousands of these roofs throughout the Plano as the best roofing contractor of Plano, and we know how to make them last a lifetime. If you choose this style of roof, we'll install it using only the highest quality materials and craftsmanship of any other contractor in the area.

Why Choose a Plano Stone Coated Steel Roof?

A Plano stone-covered steel roof is one of those roofs that last for decades without any problems. It doesn’t crack or break down as metal roofs do. You can count on your Plano roof being reliable and lasting through floods and bad weather.

One of the best aspects of having a Plano stone-coated roof installed is that it will withstand whatever Mother Nature throws. Even though we have had some pretty intense storms, the top has held up just fine. We have also experienced some sweltering days where the temperature was so high that the asphalt shingles were melting off of the roof. Our stone-coated top has handled those conditions without any problems.

Your Plano stone roof will not only be strong, but it will also be attractive. You'll have lots of options when it comes to the style of your Plano stone roof, and all of them are beautiful to the eye.

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