Plano Storm Damaged Roof In Plano Texas

Plano Storm Damaged Roof

If you need a Plano storm damage roof repaired, please get in touch with Mighty Dog Roofing roofs before calling anyone else. Our professional roof repair staff will quickly and efficiently fix any storm damage in your home in Plano Texas. You can rest assured we'll do our best to make sure everything gets done correctly the first time around! Avoid "rooftop raiders" who pop up in your neighborhood - they might charge you lots of money and fail to repair your storm damage properly.

If you have an insurance claim for Plano storm damaged roofing, here’s how you can tell if you have a problem

You could not notice until afterward that you've experienced a Plano Texas storm damage home repair Plano Texas. Once the storm clears up, you might go out and glance around, check that all the shingling is put back in position, and think that everything's alright. But you should examine closely if you have an unrepaired storm damage Plano Texas. Here are just a few of the indicators that you may have.

  • Your garage door might be slightly damaged. It could be caused by wind, hail storm damage, vandalism, or even normal wear and tear.
  • Your shingle damage shows up as “impressions” in your Google My Business listing. If you see these impressions, then you likely have a Plano storm-damaged roof.

To determine whether or not the leak is located under the shingle layer of your roof, take off your shingling materials. You'll notice that if there is any damage to the underlying structure (either wood or metal), the shingling material will come loose. If you see this happening, you know that the problem lies beneath the shingle layers of your Plano home.

We would recommend calling us if there is any sign of water leakage or flooding.

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For those with storm-damaged roofs in Plano Texas, contact Mighty Dog Roofing Roofing immediately. Our team of experienced roofers will make sure your home gets back to being beautiful in no time. Use our easy online form or call us at 972-703-4222. You’ll discover why we are among the best roofing contractors in Plano.

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