Plano Wind Damage Shingles in Plano Texas

Plano Wind Damage Shingles

Plano wind damage can cause leaks in your ceilings and walls. Water infiltration can occur through damaged shingles. Contact the best roofing contractor in Plano: Mighty Dog Roofing, to repair any damages caused by wind damage. Our team of experts will make sure your home gets back to normal as soon as possible. Get started today!

Signs of Plano Wind Damage Shingles

  • High winds can cause Plano Texas shingle damage very quickly, even though almost every roof is designed to withstand winds of 90 mph or more in most cases. These aren’t strong enough to lift off the edges or corners of your roof in most instances. They usually affect the edges and corners around your roof, causing small portions of shingles to curl or lift off the roof entirely.
  • The most significant risk of Plano roof damage shingling is not necessarily getting rid of the shingled roof itself. A damaged roof in Plano Texas can cause water intrusion into your home if the sealant around the edge of the roof is compromised. When you notice water dripping down your wall or ceiling, it’s best to contact Mighty Dog Roofing immediately so they can come out and inspect the situation.

You may notice some other indications of Plano wind damage shingle repair during your roof inspection.

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