6 Parks to Visit in Smyrna, Georgia

Smyrna, Georgia is a beautiful city with plenty of parks to enjoy

Published: 2022-12-27 14:33:47

Smyrna, Georgia is a beautiful city with plenty of parks to enjoy. It features everything from nature preserves and wide playgrounds, there is always an activity to do. In this blog post, we will highlight six of the best parks in Smyrna. If you are looking for a fun day outdoors, be sure to check out these parks! 

Taylor-Brawner Park

Located on Cobb Parkway and Atlanta Road, Taylor-Brawner Park is a great destination for park-goers. This park features hiking trails, picnic areas, an amphitheater, playgrounds, and more. The park also plays host to many festivals throughout the year, with music, food truck vendors and other fun activities. 

Jonquil Park

Jonquil Park is located on King Springs Road in Smyrna and it’s a great spot for family fun. This park has plenty of facilities, including basketball courts, playgrounds, pavilions, and a lake perfect for fishing. Jonquil Park also hosts events throughout the year such as movie nights and community concerts. 

Burger Park

Burger Park is one of the most popular parks in Smyrna. Located on Concord Road, this park features plenty of amenities like tennis and basketball courts, a playground, jogging trails and much more. This park also hosts regular events such as outdoor movie nights, art shows and summer camps for kids. 

Tolleson Park

Tolleson Park is located on South Cobb Drive and is a great spot for outdoor activities. This park features trails, playgrounds, recreational space for soccer and baseball, tennis courts, and a public pool. 

Cobb Park and Kidscape Village

Cobb Park and Kidscape Village is a great spot for family fun. This park features a playground, basketball courts, picnic pavilions, softball fields and much more. It also hosts special events like concerts and movie nights during the summer months. 

Smyrna Dog Park

Dog lovers will love Smyrna Dog Park. Located on Church Street, this park features a large grassy area for dogs to run and play in. It also has obstacles, pools and other amenities for your pup to enjoy. 

Whether you are looking for great parks with plenty of activities or just a place to relax outdoors, Smyrna is the place to be. From Taylor-Brawner Park to Smyrna Dog Park, you can enjoy all the outdoor activities that this city has to offer. So, get outside and explore these amazing parks in Smyrna! 

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