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Roof Repair in Northwest St. Louis, MO 

Northwest St. Louis homeowners know a thing or two about unpredictable weather. From the summer's sweltering heat to the spring's surprise hailstorms, your roof is on the front lines, protecting your home and family. But even the sturdiest roof can't withstand years of Gateway City punishment forever. That's where Mighty Dog Roofing comes in!


We're your trusted, local roofing contractor in Northwest St. Louis, offering comprehensive roof repair services to keep your home secure. We're a family-owned business built on a reputation for top-notch craftsmanship, exceptional customer service, and budget-conscious solutions. Whether you've got a minor leak or storm damage wreaking havoc, our team of experienced and certified professionals will diagnose the problem and get your roof back in fighting shape, fast.


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Don't Let Your Roof Become a St. Louis Story – Signs You Need Repair

The mighty Mississippi isn't the only thing unpredictable in Northwest St. Louis. Your roof can throw some curveballs too. Here are some signs you shouldn't ignore:

Shingle Sadness

Missing, cracked, or curling shingles are a red flag. They expose your roof's underlayment and attic to the elements, potentially leading to water damage and structural issues.

Uh Oh, Leaky Roof

 Leaks inside your home are a surefire sign of roof trouble. Leaks can occur around chimneys, vents, skylights, or from damaged flashing. Don't wait for a downpour to turn your living room into a waterfall – call a Mighty Dog pro for a quick fix!

Granule Grief

Over time, asphalt shingles lose their protective granules. If your gutters overflow with these tiny pebbles, it signifies potential shingle wear and possible leaks. Don't let your gutters become a graveyard for your roof's defenses!

Droopy Rooflines

A sagging roofline is a serious issue. It could be caused by water damage to the roof deck, structural problems, or excessive weight on the roof. Don't delay – contact us for an inspection before your roof goes belly up!

Energy Bill Blues

A damaged roof can compromise your home's insulation, leading to higher energy bills. Unexplained spikes in your energy costs could be a sign your roof needs our expert attention.

Why Choose Mighty Dog Roofing for Your Northwest St. Louis Roof Repair?

At Mighty Dog Roofing, we go the extra mile to ensure your complete satisfaction:

Free Roof Check-Ups: We offer free, no-obligation roof inspections to assess the condition of your roof and provide you with a detailed repair estimate.

Expert Repairs, Done Right: Our experienced team handles all types of roof repairs, from minor shingle replacements to complex leak repairs and flashing fixes. We use high-quality materials and cutting-edge techniques to ensure a long-lasting solution that can withstand the toughest St. Louis storms.

Happy Tails Guaranteed: Your satisfaction is our priority. Our crew is reliable, respectful, and keeps you informed throughout the process. We stand behind our work with a comprehensive warranty for peace of mind.

Budget-Friendly Solutions: We offer competitive pricing for our roof repair services and work within your budget to find the best solution for your needs. No need to break the bank to keep your roof in tip-top shape!

Five-Star White Paw Service: At Mighty Dog Roofing, we treat our customers like family. Our White Paw Service reflects our dedication to exceeding your expectations. We'll treat your roof with the same care we give our own furry companions!

Local Expertise: As a Northwest St. Louis company, we understand the unique weather challenges of the area and how they can affect your roof. We've seen it all, from scorching summers to surprise snowstorms, and we know how to keep your roof protected year-round.

Don't Let Roof Problems Become a Scruffy Situation!

Ignoring roof repairs can lead to bigger (and more expensive) problems down the road. Contact Mighty Dog Roofing today for your free roof inspection and Northwest St. Louis roof repair quote. Let us be your roof's best friend and ensure your home stays safe and secure, rain or shine!


Call us at (636) 500-2050 for immediate assistance!

Mighty Compliments from our customers
    "Excellent service, quality and product. Thank you so much for providing me with a new roof! Mighty Dog contacted me quickly, got me on schedule, was even a few minutes early on the day of installation. The crew did an amazing and professional job."
    Cynthia Bronson
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