5 Parks to Visit in Dublin, OH

From small neighborhood parks to sprawling nature preserves

Published: 2022-10-24 18:47:29

Dublin OH is a city with plenty of green spaces for residents and visitors to enjoy. From small neighborhood parks to sprawling nature preserves, there's something for everyone here. If you're looking for a great place to spend an afternoon outdoors, check out one of these five parks!

Avery Park

Avery Park is a Dublin institution. This park has been around for over 100 years, and it's easy to see why it's such a popular spot. With its large playground, picnic pavilion, and scenic walking trails, there's something for everyone at Avery Park.

Coffman Park

Coffman Park is one of the largest parks in Dublin, and it's a great spot for a family outing. The park has a playground, basketball courts, a sand volleyball court, and plenty of open space to run around. There's also a large pond where you can go fishing or feed the ducks.

Olde Sawmill Park

Olde Sawmill Park is a great place to take a walk or go for a run. The park has a paved path that winds through the woods, and it's a popular spot for birdwatching. You can also rent kayaks and paddleboats to explore the pond.

Scioto Park

Scioto Park is a nature lover's paradise. The park has hiking trails, a fishing pier, and a beautiful view of the Scioto River. You can also rent bikes to explore the park, or go for a swim in the pool.

Kiwanis Riverway Park

Kiwanis Riverway Park is a great spot for a quiet afternoon. The park has a paved walking path, a picnic area, and beautiful flower gardens. The activities you can do here are endless! You can go for a walk, have a picnic, or just sit and enjoy the view.

So there you have it! Five great parks to visit in Dublin, OH. Whether you're looking for a place to take a walk, have a picnic, or just enjoy the outdoors, one of these parks is sure to fit the bill. 

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