Top Things to Do in Roeland Park, Kansas

Roeland Park, Kansas is an excellent destination to explore and soak up the Midwestern charm.

Published: 2022-12-28 06:46:27

Roeland Park, Kansas is an excellent destination to explore and soak up the Midwestern charm. With plenty of activities, natural attractions, shopping opportunities, and restaurants to choose from, Roeland Park offers attractions for all kinds of visitors. Whether it's catching some rays at one of the beautiful parks, seeing how local creatives express themselves in art galleries, or learning more about historical sites, there are many things you can do in Roeland Park for a truly memorable experience. Continue reading to learn about the top activities that this vibrant little city has to offer. 

Explore the Sweany Park

Sweany Park is the ideal place to come and enjoy nature while in Roeland Park, Kansas. Walking trails, playgrounds, picnic areas, and even a disc golf course make this park a top location for family activities. People of any age can appreciate the breathtaking scenery that Sweany Park has to offer. 

Visit the Buena Vista art studio

The Buena Vista art studio is a local hub of creativity and expression. The space offers visitors the opportunity to learn about the history of the arts in Roeland Park, Kansas, as well as explore some of the city's most talented creatives. You can find galleries featuring paintings, sculptures, photography, and much more for an entertaining experience. 

Grab a bite at Cicis Pizza

Pay a visit to Cicis Pizza for an amazing buffet experience. This popular pizza joint offers delicious food at unbeatable prices, making it one of the most beloved spots in Roeland Park, Kansas. Enjoy slices of classic cheese and pepperoni pizza, specialty pies made with fresh ingredients, salads, and desserts – all under one roof. 

Surprise your little ones with a visit to R Park

R Park is the perfect spot to take your kids in Roeland Park, Kansas. With plenty of activities, water fountains, and a colorful playground, this park is one of the best locations for an activity-packed day in Roeland Park. You can also find sports courts here, as well as outdoor grills for a fun picnic with family or friends. 

Enjoy an Asian meal at the China Star restaurant

Those looking to taste some delicious Asian food while in Roeland Park, Kansas should head over to China Star. This local restaurant serves authentic Chinese dishes such as Kung Pao Chicken and sweet and sour pork that will delight your taste buds. You should also try their crab sticks, fried Wontons, boneless spare ribs, as well as their specialty - Chinese sweet donuts. 

Spend the day at the Nall Park

Nall Park is an excellent spot to spend a sunny day while in Roeland Park, Kansas. This 13.5-acre park offers numerous attractions, ranging from wide open spaces and playgrounds to picnic spots, sports fields, and more.

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