Top Things to Do in Brookfield, Wisconsin

Perfect getaway destination with numerous activities and attractions

Published: 2023-01-24 12:06:22

If you’re searching for your next getaway destination with numerous activities and attractions, Brookfield, Wisconsin could be exactly what you had in mind. Located just outside of Milwaukee, this picturesque town provides visitors with an array of exciting experiences to explore both inside the city limits and beyond. From outdoor adventures in the beautiful natural landscape to nightlife and entertainment within all that Downtown Brookfield has to offer—there are countless possibilities in this charming corner of southeastern Wisconsin.

Go ice skating at the Ponds of Brookfield Ice Arena

The Ponds of Brookfield Ice Arena, located just north of Brookfield, Wisconsin, provides visitors with a unique opportunity to enjoy ice skating all year round. Try your hand at the classic sport, or if you’re feeling more daring, take some figure-skating classes. This state-of-the-art facility also has a fully equipped snack bar and an excellent selection of local beers.

Have a picnic at the Canterbury Park

This 7-acre spacious park in Brookfield, Wisconsin is an excellent spot to have a picnic with friends and family. The park is an excellent location for a day filled with activities such as soccer and baseball. There are also plenty of picturesque spots to relax in the sun and take in all that Brookfield has to offer.

See a performance or a local art exhibition at the Sharon Lynne Wilson Center for the Arts

The Sharon Lynne Wilson Center for the Arts is a premier cultural hub in Brookfield, Wisconsin. This venue hosts some of the best local and internationally recognized performances, as well as regular art exhibitions showcasing the work of talented artists from around the world. Spend an evening here enjoying live performances or exploring all that this magnificent center has to offer.

Test your rock-climbing skills at the Adventure Rock center

The Adventure Rock center in Brookfield, Wisconsin is an ideal spot for those looking to test their rock-climbing skills. With a variety of challenging routes, 17 stations, and experienced professionals on site, this is the perfect place to hone your technique and master your craft. This facility also has a birthday room if you'd like to host a party for your little ones.

Try an original Wisconsin steak at the Mr. B's - A Bartolotta Steakhouse

Mr. B's - A Bartolotta Steakhouse is one of the best steak restaurants in Brookfield, Wisconsin. This restaurant offers classic dishes such as prime ribeye steaks, fish specials, and more. You can also find more unique offerings like their prime cuts, scallops, and of course - their special cocktails to accompany every meal.

Get first-hand gardening at the Wisconsin Garden

Wisconsin Garden is a family-owned business located in Brookfield, Wisconsin. The garden offers visitors the opportunity to learn first-hand how to grow and maintain healthy plants, flowers, vegetables, and herbs. You can also get first-hand advice from owners who have been gardening and landscaping enthusiasts for years - which they're also selflessly sharing in their gardening videos on their website.

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