Top Coffee Shops in Brookfield, Wisconsin

Perfect places to get some work done or just relax with a friend

Published: 2023-01-24 10:30:44

Whether you live in Brookfield, Wisconsin, or are planning a visit, the search for good coffee can be intimidating. But fret not! Through lots of trial and error, we have put together our top picks on where to get your caffeine fix. Our list goes beyond just the best spots for coffee- we've also included baked goods, atmosphere, and service alongside that perfect cup of joe. If you're searching for an ideal place to get some work done or just relax with a friend – read on to learn about the best roasters and cafes around Brookfield.

Fresh Baked Brookfield

Fresh Baked Brookfield is the place to be if you want a delicious coffee-shop experience in Brookfield, Wisconsin. They offer fresh pastries and treats, along with their signature sandwiches and omelets. The coffee selection is top-notch as well – they carry beans from local roasters, including some of the best blends in town. The atmosphere is cozy and inviting, with plenty of seating options and outlets for those who need a spot to work.

Sister's Brew

Sister's Brew is known as one of Brookfield's best-loved coffee shops. With an extensive menu, plenty of seating, and friendly service, this spot has it all – from hot drinks to cold brews. Plus, they offer a variety of add-ins to customize your beverage. Sister's Brew also offers much more than just coffee. Their sandwiches, salads, and breakfast items are top-notch. Plus, if you're looking for something sweet to go with that cup of joe – you'll be happy to hear they offer a selection of delectable pastries and treats.

Goddess and the Baker

Goddess and the Baker is a cozy cafe in Brookfield, Wisconsin that offers a unique coffee selection – from pour-overs to cold brews. Along with their signature beverages, they offer delicious breakfast and lunch options like sandwiches, salads, and quiches. They have plenty of seating options too – from traditional tables to booths as well as outdoor seating.

Café Hollander Brookfield Corners

Café Hollander Brookfield Corners is the perfect spot to get some work done while enjoying a fantastic cup of coffee in Brookfield, Wisconsin. They offer fair trade and organic blends, as well as specialty lattes. Plus, they have an impressive selection of pastries, desserts, and comfort food. The atmosphere is cozy and inviting, and the vintage-chic interior is impressive, to say the least.

First Watch

This cafe in Brookfield, Wisconsin is an excellent healthy choice for breakfast and lunch. At First Watch, you can choose from a wide selection of signature dishes like omelets, salads, and soups – all made with fresh ingredients. Plus, they have great coffee too! From drip to cold brews and espressos, their selection is top-notch. You'll be happy to hear that the service is excellent as well.

Honey Berry Pancakes and Cafe

Honey Berry Pancakes and Cafe is a must-try spot in Brookfield, Wisconsin if you love the combination of coffee and pancakes. This local cafe offers signature breakfast dishes, like their famous homemade biscuits and gravy. Plus, they serve up the smooth drip and cold brews, as well as specialty lattes.

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