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Gutter Intro

The gutters on your home deserve the utmost respect as they have the important job of keeping the rain and water off your roof and away from your foundation.They are essential to your home’s structure’s health. Preventive maintenance is key to a long life span of your gutter system.

Our Mighty experts can take a comprehensive and thorough inspection of your gutter system as part of our Mighty 25 Point inspection service. We will properly assess your gutter needs and current system for any repairs or updates that might be warranted. We will review the bigger picture around the perimeter of your home which could lead to potential issues such as your trees surrounding your home and any drainage issues we see around your foundation.

Gutter Repair


Typical repairs identified during inspection include such fixing loose corners, securing sagging or pulling gutters back to your fascia board, caulking to repair dripping or leaking gutters, diverting your downspouts to change the direction of water flow, among other maintenance and repairs your gutters may need to maintain their life.

Seamless Gutter


Mighty Dog Roofing will install sturdy, dependable, and aesthetically pleasing seamless gutter systems. We find this to be the most cost-effective as well as sturdy solution, with less opportunity for leaks due to poor maintenance or breakage. We look at the number of gutters and the layout of the gutters to best help you decide on a gutter system that will last for years to come.

Seamless Aluminum


We install both 5” and 6” seamless aluminum gutters. Most homes use 5” gutters, but our sales associate will discuss the advantages of each size and which is best for the layout of your roof and exterior layout, climate, roof life, pitch, and surface area of your roof. We will determine which size gutters to install, and having our handy installation truck on-site means you can have custom fit seamless gutters the very same day We offer a variety of color materials too.

Gutter Guards


Does this look like you?
There are a few jobs that we dread in the fall, and one of them is cleaning and maintaining gutters! It is imperative that those gutters are free from debris such as leaves, trees, critters and nests that can build up quickly without much notice. Rather than drag that ladder out every 3-6 months, we recommend you invest in gutter guards. With just a little bit of extra time and attention from our Mighty Installers, we can give you that peace of mind to know your gutters are protected and YOU can put that ladder away! We offer a variety of styles and colors to best match your home and needs.

Happy Customers

Happy Customer

R. Ajmera

They have excellent customer service. Their team did exactly what they say they will and show up on time. Will definitely use again.

Happy Customer

B Wood

I had my roof and gutters replaced. The crew was friendly and kept me updated throughout the install. They also did a great job with the install as well as the clean up.

Happy Customer

J. Pagura

Very professional from the office to the installers. Good value for great quality. I would recommend them and have already have done so. Give them a call.

Happy Customer

C. Smith

Due to my experiences with other contractors’ responsiveness in recent years, I was very impressed with the quick response for a quote for roof replacement on a rental home. The price was fair and the work was completed within a week of accepting the estimate. The site was cleaned up and everyone is satisfied!
I will be requesting additional work in the near future.

Happy Customer

N. Palliccio

Great company, Our roof came out amazing, straight cuts, everything laid nicely and the cleanup afterwards not a single nail anywhere.

Happy Customer

J. Camp

I was very impressed with the honest evaluation of the condition of my roof. Everyone I talked with was very courteous and professional. All appointments were kept on time and the work was completed as scheduled. I am extremely pleased with the completed job and would not hesitate to recommend this company to anyone!

Happy Customer

M. Gillespie

Great job, professional crew, great experience. Highly recommend. Came on time, cleaned up, and roof looks great!

Happy Customer

V. Davis

I can’t say thank you enough for all the help that was given to me. Very professional, courteous, and helpful. They did an amazing job and did a great job with clean up. I would highly recommend them.


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Do I need to replace gutters at the same time as my roof?

Our Mighty Dog Roofing inspectors will assess the condition of your gutters during your Mighty 25 inspection. You do not have to replace your gutters just because your roof is being replaced; however, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, replacing your gutters at the same time as the roof means your exterior will all have the same updates at the same time, and you will know they work together well. If your home has gutters with seams, this is a great time to switch to seamless gutters. These types of gutters will make your roof safer and more efficient. This is something to talk to your inspector about during your LIVE tour.

I have shingles on one side of my house which are hanging over the gutters, is it normal?

It sounds like the installation may have been incorrect. Shingles should only extend past the drip edge of the roof by about ½ to ¾ inch. We can diagnose this during inspection and repair this for you.

What are snow guards? Do I need them?

Snow guards are installed near the eaves to effectively hold ice and snow in place until it melts. Our Mighty Dog Roofing inspection consultation will give you the options you will need for your particular property.

Do I need to worry about icicles on my roof in the winter?

They are pretty to look at sometimes, but let's leave it for the Christmas tree. Icicles actually represent a problem known as ice dams, which form when snow melts and refreezes before it can leave your roof and gutters. The ice dam can then force water under the shingles causing leaks. Our Mighty Dog Roofing inspector will speak with you about this at your Inspection and give you options to avoid this problem.

How will you protect my landscaping, my kids, and my animals?

Our Mighty House Cape is designed to protect your property, family and pets. The House Cape is a plastic liner that is installed PRIOR to any work on your property to catch any debris and nails from the tear off. Then our sales team will go over your property with a magnetic tool to pick up any lingering nails. This will assure your lawn will look the same before, during and after our work.

Do I need to pull my own permits?

As soon as an agreement is signed, we start the process of applying for permits within your community. We will also keep those in your customer vault.

Will you provide me with warranties?

There are 2 different types of warranties our sales associate will share with you. One is our Mighty Dog Roofing Workmanship Plus Warranty and the other will be your manufacturer’s warranty.

Who is putting on my gutters and will it be supervised for quality?

We hire experienced installation crews who are trained, insured, and licensed to complete your gutter project.

Who will I be able to contact the day of my project?

We will provide you with the contact information for a team of professionals who will be able to help you. Your sales team is only a call or text away. You can always call us directly as well 1-833-MIGHTY4 for immediate help.

Who will all be on my property the day of the installation?

You will be communicated with prior to our arrival, but you should look forward to seeing your sales representative prior to any work being done, and throughout the day to supervise the project with our experienced, valued crews.


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