Top Weekend Activities in North Palm Beach, Florida

You will absolutely love the activities we have in store for you in North Palm Beach, Florida

Published: 2023-03-15 13:47:43

If you're planning a fun weekend getaway to North Palm Beach, Florida this summer, you will absolutely love the activities we have in store for you. This gorgeous coastal destination offers a multitude of exciting options; from stunning beaches and plenty of seafood restaurants, to colorful local boutiques, golf courses, and historical attractions. Whether you’re traveling as an individual or with your family or friends in tow – North Palm Beach will have countless options to keep you entertained throughout the course of your stay. We’ve put together a list of the top activities in town to help make your weekend away truly unforgettable. 

Explore the stunning MacArthur Beach Nature Center

This beach nature center located in North Palm Beach, Florida offers a variety of educational and interactive experiences, such as guided tours to explore the various habitats of this coastal environment. The center also includes various walking trails, a walkway bridge, as well as a beach pavilion, and a picnic area. You can enjoy bird watching, kayaking, canoeing, swimming, and so much more. 

Enjoy water activities at the High Point Paddle Adventures

High Point Paddle Adventures offers a variety of water activities such as paddle boarding, kayaking, and canoeing. You can explore the fascinating waters around North Palm Beach while you enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way. You’ll also have access to lifeguards and other helpful staff should you need any assistance during your journey.  

Visit the fascinating North Palm Beach Country Club

This classic country club located in North Palm Beach, Florida is an excellent place to enjoy a range of activities, from tennis and golf to swimming and fitness classes. After your game, you can also relax in the bar and lounge area or dine in the luxurious restaurant before heading out for the night. The restaurant offers an extensive menu of delicious eats and quality drinks, and the service is always accommodating.  

Stop by the Safe Harbor North Palm Beach Marina

Safe Harbor North Palm Beach Marina is a bustling marina located in the heart of North Palm Beach, Florida. Here you will find an array of shops, restaurants, bars, and other attractions that are perfect for a weekend getaway. The marina also offers boat rentals, fishing charters and guided tours so you can explore the nearby islands or take a scenic cruise along the Intracoastal Waterway.  

Visit the Free Toy Appraisals museum

The Free Toy Appraisals Museum located in North Palm Beach, Florida is an excellent place to explore the fascinating history of toys. Here you can view various collections of vintage and modern toys, which are displayed in an informative and interactive way. You can even have your toy appraised for free so you know exactly how much it’s worth.  

Spend the day at the Lakeside Park

The Lakeside Park located in North Palm Beach, Florida, offers a variety of activities for the whole family. You can play on the playgrounds or take part in an organized game of Frisbee, have a picnic by the lake, and enjoy spectacular views of the city skyline. The park also boasts plenty of walking trails so you can explore its natural beauty while taking in the fresh ocean breeze.

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