Coffee and Bakery Shops in Needham Massachusetts

Perfect Places to Get Work Done or Meet up With Friends

Published: 2022-07-15 14:31:01

At Mighty Dog Roofing in Massachusetts, we're coffee people. That early morning pick-me-up, that afternoon break, or that late-night emergency service all happen around a cup of coffee. And we're not just talking about any coffee, but the good stuff. We're talking about everything from the local roasters who know their beans and how to brew a perfect cup every time, to the chains that deliver the same dependable taste at every location.

There are plenty of great coffee shops in Needham, Massachusetts, and we've rounded up our favorites for you. Whether you're looking for a place to get work done, meet up with friends, or just relax with a good book, these spots have got you covered.

So to start your day off well, here's where you should stop by for coffee and a Danish according to our Needham Massachusets roofinng company crew:

French Press Bakery & Cafe

At French Press Bakery & Café, coffee and fresh baked goods are served in a chic, modern setting with neutral colors and metro tiles. A group of artisan bakers produce brioche, croissants, macarons, and other baked goods in tiny batches that are typically gone by the end of the day. So, you’ll want to make this a morning spot if you’re in it for the fresh fare.

Servente Bakery & Cafe

Located right next to Needham Townhall, Servente Bakery & Café is a cute Christian themed spot to stop of a quick cup of coffee or some sweet bakery treats. Serving everything from cupcakes to pies, Servente is one of our go-to locations for warmer fresh fare, perfect for a crisp fall day or a summer afternoon. Servente Bakery & Cafe is known for its delicious chicken, pies, and breakfast sandwiches. Bring your coworkers along and treat them to delicious cupcakes and tasty biscuits. Of course, when visiting this location, you must try the fantastic tea or the tasty lattes.

Hazel's Bakery

Locals and visitors from out of town agree that Hazel’s creations are quickly becoming local favorites. Hazel’s offers a variety of baked goods, including cakes, cookies, pies, pastries, bread, filling breakfast items, and delicious sandwiches. Hazel's has been operating in the same quaint Needham neighborhood since 1940 and is conveniently close to the Hersey commuter rail station of the MBTA. Hazel’s also offers a variety of cakes made to order for your next event.

The Cookie Monstah

Cookies and Ice Cream are always a winning combination. Whichever you're craving, The Cookie Monstah offers freshly made cookies and a variety of ice creams in Needham, MA. The nicest part is that you can also combine the two into a one-of-a-kind ice cream sandwich.


Dunkin' is America's favorite all-day, everyday stop for coffee, espresso, breakfast sandwiches, and donuts. The world's leading baked goods and coffee chain serves more than 3 million customers daily. While it may have begun as your average coffee franchise, it’s recently branched out into more food types, offering filling choices no matter the time of day. Dunkin' serves Needham, MA, for all breakfast and snacking needs. There are always fresh donuts to satisfy your cravings, and there are also other specialty beverages available.


Several branches of the Seattle-based coffeehouse business are available in Needham, Massachusetts. It is recognized for its distinctive roasts, light fare, and Wi-Fi. Although it's a smaller Starbucks, this location is incredibly welcoming. The staff is courteous and welcoming. There are lots of parking spaces at the back of the store, and both the parking lot and the main street have direct entrance doors.

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