Places to Eat in Needham Massachusetts

Ideal Places to Meet For Dinner

Published: 2022-07-15 14:44:49

You won't be disappointed if you're searching for a wonderful spot to eat in Needham, Massachusetts. Despite the fact that the city is modest, there are plenty of excellent restaurants to select from, regardless of what you’re craving. Some of our favorite styles include Chinese, Indian, and American cuisine. And of course, there are always the classics like pizza and burgers if you're in the mood for something more familiar.

No matter what you're looking for, Needham Massachusetts roofers are confident you'll find something from their list!

Blue On Highland

A trendy, stylish restaurant providing modern American fare, Blue on Highland is situated in Needham, Massachusetts, a suburb just outside of Boston. Blue on Highland is a great place to celebrate special occasions, have a business lunch, go out for supper and drinks after work, have a power lunch, or to enjoy a nice glass of wine and some small bites in their lovely bar and lounge area.

The Farmhouse

The Farmhouse is run and owned by a husband and wife. Together they combined a total of over 35 years of restaurant expertise to create this quaint farm-to-table eatery. The Farmhouse prides itself if its use of regional and organic ingredients, and you will love the incredible, healthy flavors and sincere warmth you experience at the Farmhouse.

Hungry Coyote

Hungry Coyote provides an authentic local experience. They share their family recipes with their customers, preserving the tastes of those who came before us. Here you’ll find simply incredible cuisine and drink that perfectly combines a few essential ingredients. Everything is made by hand in a big copper pot, from the homemade margaritas to Olivia's exquisite tamales.

Latina Kitchen & Bar

Near the Town Hall in the heart of Needham, Massachusetts, is a place called Latina Kitchen & Bar. Latina has something for everyone, from the traditional New Englander to the adventurous foodie, and each plate is made with familial love and geographical authenticity. Dishes include locally sourced calamari, Mediterranean olives, and hand-ground corn chachapas that transport diners back to their own grandmothers' kitchens.

Hearth Pizzeria

Hearth Pizzeria is dedicated to bringing the basics of wholesome, healthy food to a dinner table full of loved ones and friends enjoying meals from a varied menu made with organic and locally sourced products. Hearth Pizzeria, which serves vegan alternatives and gluten-free pizza and pasta, is a welcome and much-needed addition to the Needham food scene. Monthly specials featuring the best of each New England season are specially paired with craft beer and hand-selected wines.

The James

When you enter the James, you can count on receiving a friendly welcome. We’d describe the James as a contemporary pub serving upgraded comfort food sourced with the best local ingredients. The James is entrenched in the history of friendly service, and you can expect to feel right at home in this establishment. The James is certainly a location that Needham should be proud of.

Needham House of Pizza

The Needham House of Pizza is renowned for serving tasty, high-quality food. They are locally owned and continue to create pizza the traditional way, including pan-cooked Greek-style pizza. They use the finest ingredients to make homemade dough and sauce, but they are also renowned for the mouthwatering subs, sandwiches, salads, calzones, spaghetti, wings, and pizza.

Cook Needham

This American Bistro is situated in Needham, Massachusetts, part of the Greater Boston area. Cook offers cuisine that covers everything from the simple to the complicated and is said to transcend ethnic boundaries. Cook is an authentic neighborhood restaurant in every manner, making it the ideal place to meet for dinner, drink artisan cocktails, and meet friends. Paul Turano, executive chef, and business owner is committed to using only the freshest regional ingredients, providing customers with reassurance that they’re getting what they pay for.

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