Nature Attractions in Sherborn MA

Top Places for Hiking, Biking, or Just Enjoying a Picnic

Published: 2022-08-01 11:16:09

One of the best things about Sherborn, MA, is its proximity to nature. There are plenty of opportunities to get out and explore the great outdoors,  from relaxing parks to adventurous trails. There's something for everyone! Here are some of our favorite nature attractions where our Sherborn MA roofers likes to spend weekends with friends and family.

Sherborn Town Forest

About half of Sherborn's 1000 acres of publicly accessible land is Town Forest. Town Forest is largely forested, as its name suggests, and is made up of parcels of land stretching in a crescent-shaped belt from the Charles River in the southeast to a location not far from the Framingham boundary in the northwest. All forest areas are open to the public for free, including several routes for walking and riding.

Rocky Narrows

Stroll through pine forests and past marshes along seven kilometers of beautiful trails and pathways at Rocky Narrows. A canoe landing leads to a two-mile circular walk that leads to the Rocky Narrows Overlook, where visitors are rewarded with views of the reservation's namesake: steep, hemlock-covered rock cliffs.

The King Philip's Overlook in Sherborn Town Forest is further south along the route and offers views of Noon Hill Reservation, the woodlands of Medfield and Millis, and the Sherborn Town Forest. In addition, the Bay Circuit Trail passes through the property.

King Phillip's Overlook

Near Sherborn, Massachusetts, there is a popular blue singletrack trail called RN15 King Phillip's Overlook that rises 918 feet. This multi-use route has a 14-foot blue ascent and a moderate physical rating. Visitors can take either path to the view. Adults can usually finish this trail in 5 minutes on average.

For a fantastic river vista and a look at Massachusetts' early history, stop by King Philip's Overlook off the Red Trail.

Barber Reservation

A 196-acre town-owned site in Sherborn, Massachusetts, is called The Barber Reservation. As it borders additional open spaces that total more than 300 acres of public property and natural environment, the reservation is a component of a broader region of conserved land.

The area is used by locals of Sherborn for outdoor activities like horseback riding, dog walking, mountain biking, trail jogging, and cross-country skiing. Finally, because it offers a range of habitat types in a minimal space, this location is also utilized by the wildlife of Sherborn. In addition, a regional wetland complex contains a broader beaver habitat area, including the Barber Reservation.

Farm Pond

Farm Pond is a "kettle" lake created by melting a glacier remnant more than 12,000 years ago. The pond is approximately 126 acres and 58 feet deep at its deepest point.

Farm Pond has traditionally been a thriving natural area, offering excellent habitat to fish and a variety of birds, including eagles, ospreys, cormorants, hawks, geese, and ducks. In addition, a few uncommon fish and amphibian species live in the pond. The owners keep the island in the southern part of the pond as private property, a haven for the many birds who nest there.

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