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8 Popular Coffee Shops in Southwest Michigan area

Start Your Workday in One of the Coffee Places From Our List

Published: 2022-08-01 08:30:14

There are countless new coffee shops and roasters opening up in Southwest Michigan. The craft coffee industry has taken off. You will undoubtedly find a nice cup of coffee wherever your travels lead you. 

We've compiled a list of some of the best coffee spots based on the preferences of our crew from Southwest Michigan roofing company. 


Since opening in 2008, ChocolaTea has been providing the neighborhood with the highest caliber tea, coffee, and espresso beverages. They provide a variety of teas, from black and green tea to herbal teas without caffeine, and you may even place bulk orders! Additionally, they provide freshly brewed coffee and espresso drinks in flavors without added sugar. 

While you peruse their unique selection of chocolates and candies, you can sip one of their wonderful espresso drinks or one of their famous tea lattes. You can try some of our 200+ varieties of loose-leaf tea. 

Water Street Coffee Joint

Opening the door of The Portage Café is a lovely experience in and of itself. It boasts a stunning interior with three levels that is decorated with white tables, brightly colored tiles, and wooden light fittings. During the cooler months, there is a warming fireplace, and in the warmer months, there is a large outside patio that is ideal for socializing with friends or stopping by after a strenuous bike ride. 

 This café serves freshly roasted coffee that is brewed in-house, along with shakes, smoothies, loose-leaf teas, and more. Breakfast, lunch, supper, and dessert are all delicious options at the Portage Café, whether you want to eat there or elsewhere. Tempt your taste buds with one of our freshly baked products, sandwiches, salads, savory dishes, and the most amazing dessert varieties—all cooked from scratch using real ingredients.

Start Here Coffee

Start Here Coffee shop is a hidden gem in Kalamazoo with excellent coffee. Along with a selection of espresso, coffee, and tea drinks, they also provide modest lunches and freshly baked pastries from the area. They also provide vegan and vegetarian choices. You'll appreciate the spacious, light-filled environment here.

Don't miss their gift shop, which is stocked with items created in Jerico and Michigan. 

Walnut & Park Cafe

The Walnut & Park is a warm place to congregate, meet, or simply enjoy specialty coffee that is proudly made and served. Although it's a modest space, it has a sizable patio area with a few umbrella-topped tables for cover. 

 It is also mentioned as a fantastic place to learn (quiet music, lots of outlets, decent amount of seating). Cleanliness, helpful personnel, and reasonable prices! They create each of their items entirely in-house.

Black Owl Cafe Kalamazoo Coffee Co.

Black Owl is a tiny cafe in the heart of Kalamazoo, Michigan that offers freshly produced cuisine from scratch, hand-blended teas, and locally roasted coffee. It is a rustic-chic cafe serving pastries, light cuisine, and locally roasted coffee and organic teas. They only use beans from the same building, roasted by the Kalamazoo Coffee Company! 

You must ask your barista for the current selection of coffee since it changes every week.

Great Grounds Coffee

The place to go for a truly excellent cup of coffee, as well as for a terrific atmosphere and community, is Great Grounds. As they offer advice and recommendations, they take into account the preferences of their clients. 

They are careful to make sure that every transaction is done in a way that benefits every farmer and every worker by being aware of and giving back to their communities, which is why they have teamed with Uncommon Roasters in Douglas, Michigan. 

They are known for recycling as many of their own resources as they can and collaborating with nearby gardeners to compost their organic waste.

Café Rica USA

Café Rica uses the strength of specialty coffee to forge relationships. They pride themselves on having close, intimate relationships that make everyone feel like family. By offering a unique service, they aim to enrich the Battle Creek experience. 

In order to provide the greatest product possible, Café Rica sources the finest coffee and ingredients from all around the world. The staff is incredibly informed about coffee, its production, and the origins of each brew. The atmosphere is positive and enjoyable. Both indoor and outside seating offers a fantastic view.

Factory Coffee

In Kalamazoo, Michigan, a tiny family-run cafe and roastery is called Factory Coffee. They purposefully support coffee farms that are making efforts to be community-driven by sourcing coffee from all around the world.

A diverse group of creative artists, musicians, coffee enthusiasts, designers, plant lovers, and change-makers make up Factory Coffee. They share a commitment to fostering cooperation, community, and joy in the coffee industry.

Their identity is centered on environmental awareness and sustainability. They use compostable cups and 90 percent compostable bags when they bag and roast coffee.

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