8 Awesome Breweries in East Austin area

Top Quality Beers and Friendly Atmosphere

Published: 2022-07-19 09:00:34

There are many great breweries in Austin, Texas, but these 10 stand out for their quality beer, friendly atmosphere, and overall experience. In order to be a successful brewery in Austin, you have to offer something unique to stand out from the rest. These 10 breweries have done just that, whether by way of atmosphere, food, brew quality, or a little bit of everything.

Take a look at favorite places where East Austin roofers like to celebrate after a job well done.

Bluebonnet Beer Company

Bluebonnet Beer Company, which was founded in 2013, is the realization of a dream that has been nurtured for almost ten years. David Hulama operates as one of the state’s only formally educated brewers, with certifications from both UC Davis and the Institute of Brewing and Distilling in London.

Clare Hulama offers her talents in sales and marketing to create a husband-and-wife team, operating a small brewery in Round Rock, Texas. Their award-winning craft beers make Bluebonnet a must-visit establishment in Round Rock. Excellent microbrews, tasty food, reasonable rates, and patio dining await all who visit. Any beer can also be "cannoned" for household use.

Willard's Brewery

Willard’s Brewery is made up of a team of committed craftspeople with a love for exquisitely crafted beverages and good times. Willard, the brewery’s brave founder and self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur, has brought on board a lifelong brewer who, over the past 13 years, has made a lasting mark on countless breweries.

What goes better with artfully crafted beer than a food truck? Willard’s does it all with chips, brats, tacos and wings. Beers, seltzers, and even homemade sodas are all available in good supply, with tasting options for those who aren’t sure what they’re looking for. Whatever your preferences, Willard’s Brewery is sure to be a fun experience for all.

Blue Owl Brewing

Austin, Texas's Blue Owl Brewing is a sours brewery. In order to create sour beers that are approachable but still distinctive, the brewery was founded in 2015. Rather than overpowering your taste receptors, their souring approach highlights the beer. They strive to brew sour beers that are clear, balanced, and still have the distinctive flavors of their style. 

They work hard to produce dependable, reasonably priced sours that you can be pleased to hold, from elegant dinner parties to hijinks on the lake. They are typically packaged in cans, but with three business days' notice, Blue Owl also offers kegs.

The Brewtorium

The Brewtorium is a restaurant and beer garden serving pub fare like pizza, mac & cheese, and German-style beers. 

On their 15-barrel brewhouse, they proudly brew all the beer they offer in-house using high-quality ingredients and simple recipes. Additionally, they provide distinctive and craft-focused ciders, meads from the nearby Meridian Hive Meadery, and well-chosen wines.

The menu items at the Brewtorium are certainly Instagram-worthy, offering a high-class dining experience at reasonable prices. However, after a few beers you’re more likely to be socializing with friends than scrolling online. The Brewtorium is a wonderful place to relax, slow down, and enjoy a drink with friends.

Oddwood Brewing

On Airport and Manor Road in East Austin, there is a small, rustic brewery called Oddwood Brewing. They concentrate their efforts mostly on lagers, sours, and hoppy brews. You may enjoy the thin-crust pizza and experimental small batch craft beer on the patio outside. 

Both the beers and the food offerings are reasonably priced and tasty, making this a great weekend spot to get together.

Live Oak Brewing Company

Live Oak Brewing Company has made it its mission to brew outstanding lagers and ales since 1997 for the enjoyment of beer enthusiasts in Austin, Texas, and elsewhere. Live Oak uses a time-consuming mash and secondary laagering procedure and only the best, most authentic ingredients.

The outcome has garnered both local and national praise, but more importantly, it has satisfied devoted beer drinkers who value their efforts in brewing beer.

Southern Heights Brewing Company

East Austin, Texas's Southern Heights Brewing Co. is a small, vibrant craft brewery with a sizable tap room. They always have a variety of new beers on tap. With a selection of house-brewed beer on tap and free Wi-Fi, they place a priority on serving the greatest and freshest brews.

Celis Brewery

On July 11th, 1992, the first Celis Brewery began operations. It’s secret? The now 50-year-old yeast strain was originally carried overseas from Belgium in a sock. Now 20 years later, the brewery uses that same strain to operate as a local favorite, offering an atmosphere of fabled enchantment at the unique Copper Kettle Taproom. Enjoy classic Hoegaarden Witbier, and Belgian-style ales in a tasting room that is unlike any other in Austin.

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