8 Popular Restaurants in East Austin area

Awesome Places to Grab a Bite and Hangout

Published: 2022-07-19 11:23:29

With a little bit of gritty, a little bit of eclectic, a little bit of traditional Texas, and a lot of fantastic food, East Austin is undoubtedly a microcosm of Austin as a whole. We were often astounded by how many flourishing brick-and-mortar restaurants have their roots in East Austin, typically as a scruffy food truck, while conducting our research for this guide (read: eating some of the best cuisine in the city). It almost seems possible for anyone to succeed here given persistence, tenacity, and possibly a little luck.

Here are some of the ones where our East Austin Texas roofers like to stop by. 

Salt Lick

For years, The Salt Lick has provided succulent barbecue to residents of the Austin region and the Hill Country. Their renowned BBQ pit, which is still present at their Driftwood Restaurant today, was built by Thurman Roberts in 1967, giving them their distinctive flavor. Since then, we have provided services for national events of various sizes. Even while we like providing for our regulars in the restaurant, there is something unique about bringing our renowned BBQ with legendary sauces & rubs in a casual, rustic atmosphere.

El Rincon Mexican Restaurant

El Rincon, which means "the corner" in Spanish, is a locally owned and operated family business. Their menus and restaurants are designed with the intention of bringing the neighborhood together around the table. Standard Mexican meals and margaritas are served at El Rincon, a relaxed cantina with live music and a patio. We make everything from scratch and use fresh ingredients.

URBAN Eat.Drink

URBAN Eat.Drink was established in May 2016. This open, chic restaurant is locally owned and run by a charming couple. They offer fantastic food, craft beer, and specialty drinks. There is both indoor and outdoor seating. Offering Brunch, Lunch, and Dinner menus, this upscale casual restaurant is a refreshing take on popular favorites. Rather than the standard takes on hamburgers, pizzas, and salads, Urban Eat.Drink’s creations are sure to provide a new experience in a familiar environment.

Franklin BBQ

The meat smoked at Franklin Barbecue is the best in town, and it is completely deserving of the praise. Take it from us, the six-hour wait is completely worth it when someone can smoke brisket so expertly as Aaron Franklin has. (Pro tip: if you know when you're coming to arrive, pre-order meat and sides to skip the line.) You really can't go wrong with any of the meats on the menu, and the brisket and beef ribs are both grilled to perfection.

Arpeggio Grill

In 2005, Arpeggio Grill opened its doors in Austin, providing the city's residents with a taste of Greek and Mediterranean cuisine. Its goal, as a family-run business, is to highlight the art of cooking traditional Mediterranean cuisine by using high-quality, fresh ingredients. They achieve this by using the best fresh products and providing only the best halal meats.

Bartlett's Restaurant

The staff at Bartlett's is committed to giving customers the best food and service possible. They assemble premium meats, seafood, cheeses, and vegetables. Rather than heating frozen stock, Bartlett's produces its own soups, buttermilk ciabatta, mustard, and two-week pickle relish from scratch, along with hand-cut fish and steaks, and freshly ground chuck for burgers.

Overall, excellent meals, hand-crafted drinks, and a carefully picked wine list were presented with courteous and knowledgeable service.


This charming vintage French bistro features dim lighting, an aged wooden bar, deep red walls, European panel paintings, blackboard menus, and antique mirrors that have been gilded.

Excellent renditions of traditional brasserie favorites including escargots, steak tartare, daily fish with béarnaise sauce, steak frites, and crème brûlée are also available. Sliced baguettes cooked on site are delivered in bread baskets. Whatever you choose is almost certainly going to be opulent and indulgent.

Foreign & Domestic

The restaurant Foreign & Domestic was founded in 2017 and is chef-owned & operated. Since then, the restaurant has been preparing recipes that are unified and have strong Texas flavors and ingredients. Their culinary philosophy has made F&D a favorite among diners, who are glad to frequent this establishment repeatedly.

They have a strong commitment to provide our consumers with the finest organic ingredients and freshest produce from their welcoming partner farms.

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